Why I Should Go for Online Mastering

Online mastering is becoming a dime a dozen on the internet. Its availability in the market (and the internet) is so common that the price being paid gets cheaper and cheaper. Unfortunately, low-quality masters come with cheap prices including those who offer automated online mastering that make use of artificial intelligence.

Does this mean that online mastering is not the way to go? Of course not. With all those who offer online mastering, there are studios who are still dedicated to producing high-quality masters. It’s finding these online mastering studios that is difficult.

Here are a few reasons why you should go for online mastering:

  1. Fast Engagement

With online mastering, there is no need to ship the audio file or traveling to share your projects with the studio. You can transfer your music file within minutes from engaging with the studio that you have chosen. This also allows you to communicate your feedback without the need of getting into a call. A call can be done only if necessary. Your communications can be made through their online service or email.

Getting your audio file back and forth the studio requires fewer resources on shipping, money and time.

  1. Efficient Communication

Working with your engineer has never been easier. You no longer have to set up meetings to listen to a specific master and provide your inputs. You can simply respond to your engineers at a time that is convenient for you especially when communication is done through email. (read more here: https://studios301.com/)

The days where you have to schedule a meeting to listen to your music can now be done at home when you’re settled in and providing feedback for the changes you may need. If a meeting is necessary, it can be done virtually.

  1. Listening through Your Equipment

Once work is done or is in progress, you can receive your files and listen to them on your own systems. It is often a concern for musicians and studios to debate why the music sounds differently when the final master has been provided. There are instances (especially with “attended mastering sessions”) where the audio sounded well on the studio’s systems but seemed to sound differently in the musician’s systems. Getting your masters reviewed in your own system and providing them feedback on what you need can produce a much desirable result.

  1. Saving on Resources

Resources do not alone refer to money being spent. Although online mastering is known to be a lot cheaper, it does not necessarily mean that the equipment used is a lot less in quality. You are also able to save time from travel and attended sessions. It allows you to have more time to your other projects.

Online mastering is not all bad and there are a ton of reasons why this can help in the music industry. Everything else is starting to advance because of technology and mastering is one of them. Even great mastering engineers engage in this method with their clients. Besides, we are moving to the age where great ideas are born from the internet.